All Star MVP Kepad

To Program your keyless entry you will need a small pointy object such as the end of a paperclip. Also if your keyless entry is already mounted it is recommended that you have the garage door open while programming.


1. Locate the learn button 

(on the wallpad inside the garage there is a button that turns on the light, right above this button is a small hole, the learn button is inside this hole)

2. Press in the learn button with the end of your paperclip and then release right away

(you will know you have done this successfully if the light bulb up on the motor comes on and stays on steady. If it was already on before you pressed the learn button it will blink off and right back on to a steady light)

**once the light comes on steady after step 2 you will have 30 seconds to complete the following steps!**

3. Go to the Keyless Entry

4. Press the on/reset button

5. Enter the 4 digit pin of your choice

6. Press the * key followed by the 1

*the light on the motor should shut off, to signal that the new code has been recieved*

7. To operate your keyless entry you will need to enter the following sequence


Your 4 digit pin 


8. To program multiple doors follow the above steps using the learn button on the inside wallpad for the door you want to program and substitute 2 or 3 for the number 1. 


To change your existing pin number:

You will have to clear out the old settings following the instructions below. Once you have completed this you will need to reprogram the keyless entry using the instructions above, and reprogram you handheld transmitters. Click here for those instructions.