All Star MVP Remote


To learn your remotes to your opener follow the steps below.

You will need something small and pointy like the end of a paperclip.

1. Locate the learn button 

(on the wallpad inside the garage there is a button that turns on the light, right above this button is a small hole, the learn button is inside this hole)

2. Press in the learn button with the end of your paperclip and then release right away

(you will know you have done this successfully if the light bulb up on the motor comes on and stays on steady. If it was already on before you pressed the learn button it will blink off and right back on to a steady light)

3. Locate one of your hand held remotes and press the button on that remote 2-4 times just like you are trying to open the garage door. The door should open or close after a few attempts.

4. Check to see if all your remotes are now working. Some models may require you to repeat the above with each hand held remote, while others may only take one time for all remotes to work.